Following Jesus - Part 7: The Seven Key Ingredients to Spiritual Growth

Dec 13, 2023    Pastor Pete Keirstead, Pastor Aaron Green, Seth Jones

Delve into the essence of spiritual growth in today's episode as we explore the "7 Spiritual Growth Ingredients." Drawing inspiration from Acts 2:42-47, we'll examine how each ingredient reflects the early church's practices. Join us in understanding the significance of Worship Together, Fellowship, Prayer & Fasting, Personal Study, Evangelism, Generosity, and Service. Learn how these elements, like ingredients in a recipe, blend to foster a balanced and holistic spiritual life. We'll discuss the transformative impact of integrating these practices, emphasizing the importance of not neglecting any aspect for well-rounded growth. By following Jesus' example, who embodied all these ingredients, we aim to guide you toward becoming more like Him in your faith journey.