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What To Expect: Thrive KIDS begins with 10 minutes of organized game play. Next, the children all sit together for our large group lesson. This is where we talk about our core values: Love God, Love People, Do Your Best, and Have Fun. This is also where we pray as a group, sing and dance to worship songs, and listen to the 10-15 minute bible lesson. After large group we break into our small groups which are divided by grade; this is where we can have more in-depth conversations about the bible lesson, engage in a fun activity, and individually pray for each other.

Thrive Preschool is a safe and fun environment for your little ones aged 6 weeks-PreK. Our classes include nursery, walkers, and 3-5 years old. They will enjoy a Bible lesson and have fun with our experienced teachers.

Service Times: The service times are the same as the main service: 9:00AM and 10:45AM.

Drop Off Times: We ask that you please drop off your children between 8:50-9:00AM for 1st service or between 10:35-10:45AM for 2nd service so our team has time to prepare before and in between services.

Mission: Thrive KIDS offers a place where children from birth through fifth grade can discover and develop a passion for God through worship, bible teachings, small groups and a variety of fun activities. Children are taught God's Word and challenged to grow in their relationship with Him.

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Age Groups: Thrive KIDS consists of all students from birth - 5th Grade.

Check-In Procedure: There is a child check-in area in the main lobby with computers to check-in and print your child's tag for service. The child will receive a sticker with their name and a code on it, you will receive a smaller sticker that has a matching code to your child. If you have not been to Thrive before, volunteers at child check-in will help get your child registered and give you a key tag so you can easily check them in on your next visit. 

Check-Out Procedure: The parent/guardian who picks up the child from Thrive KIDS must have their sticker with the same code that is on the child's sticker. There will be a line at the exit door to pick up the child, the child's name will be called to leave, and the child leaves as soon as we see that the codes match on both stickers. If you have lost either sticker, we have a log of all of the children's names and who should be picking them up.  


Thrive Kids YouTube Lessons

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Join Skip and Raquel as we learn how to "Love my Church". We will learn about Peter and the influence he had on the early church, we will learn how to live our church today, and we will get a little (or a lot) wet along the way. Enjoy!
Join Skip and Raquel for this weekly bible lesson filled with fun, Jesus, Fortnite tips, and slime! This weeks story is from Acts 2: 1-41. This is after Jesus ascended back to heaven; the Holy Spirit descended on all of his disciples filling them with the power of Jesus.