What is  Human Trafficking?

It’s the illegal trade of human beings. It’s the recruitment, control, and use of people for their bodies and for their labor. Through force, fraud, and coercion, people everywhere are being bought and sold against their will–right now in the 21st century. 

But phrases like ‘slavery’ and ‘human trafficking’ can still feel ambiguous. This is the reality: slavery is violence. It’s physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. It’s forced prostitution. It’s barbaric working conditions.

Slavery is more stoppable than ever, and that’s why we’re here, rallying around the world and doing the work together.

What is “Walk for Freedom”?

It’s an outward expression- a global fundraising and awareness campaign-of A21’s inward desire to free every single slave on the planet.

On October 14,2017 in communities around the WORLD, you’ll see us-21st century abolitionists- walking in single-file with black shirts and yellow bandanas across our mouths.

By now it’s clear that slavery will not end on its own. And if you aren’t sure what to do about it, start by showing up. Register here ….to walk with us and order your shirt (you do not have to have a shirt to walk, however it is highly recommended).

We will walk approximately 1.5-1.8 miles. If you can’t walk, you can still raise funds and awareness for this important cause!

When/Where- Saturday October 14, 2017 is our walk to raise awareness. Between now and then, you can start to raise awareness and funds to fight slavery by registering here…..

We will meet to walk at 1771 Dunlawton Ave, Port Orange FL, 32127 (Port Orange Super Target), in the west side of parking lot. Registration begins at 8:45 and ends at 9:30am. The walk begins at 10 am.

Some Stats on Human Trafficking:

Only 1% of victims are ever rescued

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world, generating more than $150 billion USD every year.

The 3 most common types of human trafficking are sex trafficking, forced labor, and debt bondage. Forced labor, also known as involuntary servitude, is the biggest sector of trafficking in the world, according to the U.S. Department of State.